Nikon to release the D3200 and Canon latest the EOS 4k and 5DX

Canon and Nikon both is set to release new gear in April 2012. From the much waited for Canon EOS 4k and the 5DX to Nikon best selling replacement the D3200.  

Canon has confirmed it’s next announcement will be on April 16 at the NAB 2012 Exhibition in Las Vegas Neveda. Most hope this will be the camera that people hoped the 5D Mk3 was suppose to be. It’s believe to be the long waited Canon Eos 4k

Not much is known about the Canon EOS 4K accept that it would be the second release from the Canon 4K Cinema Series, the first was the C300/C300PL and Canon also released seven new Cinema Series Lens last year.

The 4K is a EOS-series digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera were the C300 was built more like the traditional Movie Camera, it will be equipped with a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor that enables the recording of 4K video at a frame rate of 24P, with Motion-JPEG compression.

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Nikon announces a replacement for the Nikon 3100, its best-selling DSLR in 2011 will be replaced by the D3200.   The Nikon D3200 will feature a 24MP image sensor, 11 AF points, 4fps shooting , an ISO range of 100-6400 with hi-ISO of 12,800, improved video functionality and WiFi connection that is said to offer some interesting features.

With no specific launch date in April yet or pay mentioned, we believe based on the pricing of the D3100 at $549, we don’t expect the D3200 to differ too greatly in price or have delays in shipment.

While everyone was looking for the 5D Mark III to be Canon’s Megapixel Monster, Canon Designers maintain there focus for the 5DMark III was built based the needs of the Photographer. Its rumored that Canon will release new “High Megapixel Mirrorless Fullframe” Camera around September 2012.