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Canon U.S.A. Announces Development Of Four EF Cinema Zoom Lenses

Canon 15

Building upon the historic November 2011 introduction of the Cinema EOS System of professional digital cinematography products, Canon announced the development of four EF Cinema zoom lenses.

Canon Announces Development Of 4K Digital Cinema Cameras


Canon is developing two digital cinematography cameras as part of its acclaimed new Cinema EOS System of professional cinematography products the Cinema EOS C500* for use with EF-mount lenses, and the Cinema EOS C500 PL* for use with PL-mount lenses. 

Nikon to release the D3200 and Canon latest the EOS 4k and 5DX

Canon EOS 4k

Canon and Nikon both is set to release new gear in April 2012. From the much waited for Canon EOS 4k and the 5DX to Nikon best selling replacement the D3200.  

New Canon EOS 4K Concept DSLR

4K Concept DSLR with Cine 24 lens

Canon announced the company is developing a new-concept EOS-series digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Incorporating an enhanced version of the video-capture capability offered in the current EOS-series lineup, the new camera will be ideally suited for cinematographic and other digital high-resolution production applications.

Canon Makes Hollywood Debut with Launch of Cinema EOS System


Canon Inc. today announced Canon’s full-fledged entry into the motion picture production industry with the launch of the Cinema EOS System. Canon’s new professional digital cinematography system spans the lens, digital cinema camera and digital SLR camera product categories.